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It all started with not wanting to pay ridiculous prices for boring name brand plastic lures. From that spawned a hobby,
which caught on with the public fast. Before anyone could see it coming Stankx Bait Company was born.

    At Stankx Bait Company, innovation of design, quality, precision and product value are just a few of the characteristics that motivate us to continue our goal to make high class, custom soft baits. From our brew masters and pro staff to customers, Stankx is driven to give you the tools you need to be successful at whatever level angler you are. Our soft bait styles and colors are designed and tested with one thing in mind; to be the best soft plastic a bass can eat!

    Stankx Bait Co. was established in autumn of 2008, by Travis Crosman. Headquartered in Kalamazoo, MI, we strive to make a product that will outlast and outfish other “big name baits”. We do not spend money on advertising, to help keep our overhead down and pass this savings on to you. Our customers are our lifeline. You can expect personal one-on-one service for any of your plastic needs. Our unique baits are produced with different formulas for each product line. From supple soft for superb action, to tough as nails for abuse in heavy cover.

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    Support someone local or small. In these times your money has more sway than anything in our world. Please choose to spend it wisely and where it truly matters. Please choose to spend it on actual families and people chasing their dreams. Not on corporations that have no direct bearing on you or your economy. Here at Stankx we choose to support the supporters. People who are chasing their dreams, using their talents, or doing good for others. We take care of our supporters, so please do not be surprised to find a year round discount code in your order. We truly appreciate you and all of your support, Stankx Nation!

    With meticulous precision, every soft bait made by Stankx Bait Company swims with perfection right out of the package. The brew master, Travis Crosman, and his army of bass anglers demand it. Since 2009, each and every lure manufactured lives up to this promise. Injected, hand poured, airbrushed, and tank-tested, bass anglers count on Stankx Bait Company soft plastics for consistent success.

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