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About Us

Stankx Bait Company is the brainchild of a select group of anglers. A group that was tired of the same old colors, the same old names, and the same old prices.

Here at Stankx, we strive to make a product that will outlast and outfish other “big name baits”. We do not spend money on advertising, to help keep our overhead down and pass this savings on to you. Our customers are our lifeline. You can expect personal one-on-one service for any of your plastic needs.

Our unique baits are produced with different formulas for each product line. From supple soft for superb action, to tough as nails for abuse in heavy cover.

Here at Stankx we do not want to fall into that everyday group of other bait companies. Therefore, our color schemes, names and our attitude are one of our own. Unlike other companies who raise their prices after finding a loyal following, we will not let this happen to you. As we continue to grow, we will always keep you, our customer, in mind. So please help our movement and spread the love and word of Stankx Bait Company.

Thankx from Stankx,
Travis Crosman – Owner



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