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Discount Code Offering Plan

Let’s face it… You want a discount and I need to get paid for my work. I love doing what I do and I love interacting with my customers on a more personal level. I enjoy watching them climb the ranks and challenge the world around them. I have watched many of other companies staff and my own over the years. Some work and some don’t. Some are pyramid schemes and others just need any help they can get.

I have an email folder with 800+ submissions to our staff. Some are just plain hilarious and others are deeply saddening on how far some people will go to get what they want. Very rarely do you find the diamond in the rough and know that all is going to work out in a few years of working together.

So here is my proposal. I have been putting 10% off codes in customers packages for a while now. So please buy some product, get to know me and my product. Buy some more with your 10% code and shoot me a note saying hello and touch base with me. I’ll then increase your code with your next purchase to 15% off.

I’m sure you can now see where this is going. So we are officially doing away with any “staff” or “field tester” and we are going to build a relationship. In the meantime you get a discount, I get paid and we actually get to know each other and help each other…

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