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5″ Jerx NXT LVL


  • Fish it Texas.
  • Donkey Rigged.
  • Weightless.
  • Wacky
  • As a Vibrating jig trailer.
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You can’t find a better jerkbait lure unless you have the 5″ Jerx NXT LVL is a soft plastic lure, specifically designed for many applications. We truly believe that our lures catch fish and not just fisherman.

5″ Jerx NXT LVL mold was designed by Josh E. Clark of . A full round injection bait that perfectly mimics a baitfish was the full intention of the 5″ Jerx NXT LVL. His knowledge of aluminum molds and his machined finishes are second to none. It’s long split tail, provide a kicking and fluttering action, that entices any finicky fish into biting. Its torso is the perfect size with a hookslot for any worm hook or you can simply rig it on a plain round ball jig head.

We have combined his knowledge of the5″ Jerx NXT LVL with our top selection of natural fish catching colors, to create one of the most effective fish catching baits on the market. We have just about every color needed to match your favorite jig skirt color. If you can not find a color that you want, simply contact us and we will do our best to set you up with a custom color match of your choosing.

Here at Stankxbaitco we have simplified our offerings over the years to bring you baits and colors that only catch the fish not the fisherman. We feel it not only saves us in the shop in inventory and supplies, but saves you valuable time, that can be better spent on the water doing what you should be doing. Catching more fish!

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BB, Emmy, Gizmo, Golden Goat, Lantern, Midas, Poiches, Rad Gill, Tmoney, Troutish, Shine

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