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Do-it-yourself molds for soft plastics brewing.

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Our SBC silicone molds are a cost effective way for you to pour your soft plastic baits. But we have spared no expenses and have cut any corners in making these molds. From the resin master, to silicone used, these are a top quality mold.

Your baits will come out very shiny and symmetrical. Our masters were hand crafted and made in house by our highly experienced Japanese  bait maker. With many years under his belt, he knows what it takes to make not only a quality bait, but also a quality mold.

You can rest assured that you will be pouring a quality bait for you and your customers. Especially when you pair it with our Dead On Plastix. We offer four custom blends to match all of your plastic needs. Have a craw mold? We offer a Craw plastic. So on and so forth…

Our four blends of plastic are :

Drop Shot / Finesse which is the softest and most supple. The next would be our Worm blend. A combination of soft/medium. Perfect for Senko and trick worm applications. We then have our Swimbait / Jerkbait  blend. A medium blend with perfect action and hook strength. Last up is our Craw / Tube blend, which is the toughest of the four blends.

  • Silicone open pour molds
  • Pour your own for years to come.

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3.5" Ribbed Swim, 3.5" Ringed Swim, 3.5" Gobious DS, 4.5" Ribbed Swim, 6" Ribbed Swim, 8" Ribbed Swim, 4" DropShot, 3" Swim, 4" Swim Step Tail, 3.5" Darter, 4" Darter, 3.5" Trilobite, 4.2 Trilobite, 2.5" Finesse craw

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