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With meticulous precision, every soft bait made by Stankx Bait Company swims with perfection right out of the package. The brew master, Travis Crosman, and his army of bass anglers demand it. Since 2009, each and every lure manufactured lives up to this promise. Injected, hand poured, airbrushed, and tank-tested, bass anglers count on Stankx Bait Company soft plastics for consistent success.



.40 Caliber Stix

.40 Caliber Stix


6″ Spade Tail

3″ Zed

Creature Baits, Craws, and Jig Trailers

2.5″ Baby Craw

3″ Beta Craw

4″ Ecto Craw

3.75″ DB

Surface Frogs
Drop Shot

4″ Minna

3″ Zed


3.5" Tubez

Double Dipper 4″

NXT LVL DD 4″ Tube

Soft Jerkbaits
4.75 Jerx

4.75 Nxt Lvl Jerx




DR 5″

DR 6″

Lil Hammer 2.5″


4.5" Gobius

4.5″ Gobius


Perch Bomb


NXT LVL Products
4.75 Jerx

4.75 Jerx


3.5" Tubez

3.5″ Tubez

4.5" The Gobius

4.5″ The Gobius

Scents and Attractants
Scents and Attractants

Scents and Attractants

Apparel and Logo Wear


Incognito Comfort Shirt

Incognito Comfort Shirt

Collab Shirt

Fishing Lure Molds
4.5" Ribbed Swimbait

SBC Silicone Molds

AI Aluminum molds

Lure Plastisol

1 Gallon

Custom Paint Hollow Body Frogs

Custom Frogs


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